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Crazy Lady Bakery And Candies LLC is a fully licensed and insured Cottage Food bakery founded in January of 2022 by Jeff and Destiny Cook of Elk Plain, Washington. They are a small, home-based bakery that delivers orders to nearby addresses in areas such as Elk Plain, Graham, and Frederickson. They specialize in homemade fudge, muffins, and breads. Crazy Lady Bakery is an approved Cottage Food Operation by the Washington State Department Of Agriculture, Permit #1320

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Jeff Cook, Co-owner and Director of Operations

My wife and I have been married for over 15 years now, and we have for a long time talked about starting a food business together.


I have had an interesting career journey, both in working for others and running my own small businesses. From all the different jobs I have had, I have experience in cooking, cleaning, marketing, bookkeeping, customer service, web design... the list goes on.


Destiny has been cooking practically all her life and is amazing at it. When she was in her teens, she was making baked goods for her co-workers, who would often ask about purchasing her food. When I first married her, she was baking desserts for my co-workers who were always excited to see what new dessert I brought in.


So it always felt like with our combined experiences, we'd be the perfect team for this business venture. We just either didn't have time or didn't know how to get started. Then the COVID pandemic hit, I was temporarily laid off, and suddenly had lots of time do some research.


I learned about Cottage Food laws. While there are restrictions on ingredients and how to sell foods, it has the advantage of being able to use your home kitchen. It seemed like an excellent way to start small and see how it goes.


I'm excited to start this business with my wife and I hope you are excited to enjoy some crazy good food.

Destiny Cook, Co-owner and Chef

From a very young age I loved cooking and baking. One Christmas, I got an Easy Bake Oven and I couldn't wait to use it. The only problem was, it took forever to bake a cake and I never have had patience, so I decided one day that I would bake a cake for my Mom in the microwave. Mind you, I was 6 years old. I happily put the aluminum pan into the microwave and started to bake away. I even got a light show out of the deal! Well I didn't learn the first time, I tried doing it a few more times and even moved up to trying to hard boil an egg in the microwave too.


Needless to say, my Mom decided for the safety of the house, it was time I learned how to use the stove and oven, which I am forever grateful for. My Mom and I spent many hours in the kitchen together, baking cookies for Christmas, to making the big family dinners for the holidays. My love for cooking and baking has gone strong and is now my stress reliever. I love creating my own recipes as well as making family favorites which helps keep my family legacy alive and well.


After my Mom passed away, I sort of lost my love for cooking and baking, it brought back so many memories and it was just too much. I would have given anything to be back in the kitchen cooking and baking with her. But then I realized, if I wanted to help keep my Mom's spirit alive, the best way would be by me getting back into the one place that brought us together.


And you might be wondering, why Crazy Lady Bakery? Who is this Crazy Lady? The Crazy Lady is my Mom. It was a term of endearment I gave my Mom because she was always learning something new and she was always on the go. She was a woman who could be doing 20 things at once and not even break a sweat, which made her a crazy lady in my eyes. But one I love and admire with all my heart.


I hope someday I can be a crazy lady too and be half the woman my Mom was. Most importantly I really do hope you enjoy the baked goods and candies I create, because they are made with love and with the spirit of Crazy Lady.

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